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Back in our school days, as art students we faced the difficulty of obtaining good photos for our projects. We spent hours and hours flipping through magazines and library books with the hope of finding the "right" images to scan. Scanning the images was another ordeal—wasting our time standing in line with other students waiting to use the same scanner. And another painful burden was the feeling of guilt over infringing upon someone’s copyright!

Upon graduating from art school, we founded School Photo Project to provide good quality FREE photos for students. Whether you're preparing a report and need photos to support it, or need photos as reference for your design and painting projects, you can look for them here. Download and use them with no guilty feeling, no copyright issue, and most of all, no pennies to waste!

For most of us, creativity is a fleeting thing; it needs to be engaged and realized immediately. Wasting time searching around for hours for good, free photos is really detrimental to any creative process.

That's why we're here.

The School Photo Project Team
Free, Safe & Friendly Stock Photos for Students – & All

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If you enjoy photography and want to improve your photo skills you can check our Photo Tips section that contains a selection of Articles and Video Tutorials from various amazing photo sources.

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